The 21st century COE Program at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Innovative Food and Environmental Studies pioneered by Entomomimetic Sciences pic
Why have insects, with much simpler nervous systems than humans, increased to over one million known species, or an estimated five million species?

“Entomomimetics” at the Center for the 21st century COE program: Innovative Food and Environmental Studies pioneered by Entomomimetic Sciences, is a new, interdisciplinary branch that integrates the various fields of science relating to insects. Entomomimetic Sciences organizes characteristics unique to the insects — the “wisdom of insects” which has ensured their survival for 400 million years — under the themes of the “superior adaptability to the environment,” the “finely-developed communication system”, and the “sophisticated designs and functions”. We will examine these characteristics from an interdisciplinary perspective, and learn how they have survived so long. Through this new science, we aim for the advancement of sciences and technologies toward solving food and environmental problems in the 21st century. In addition, we aim to develop scientists who possess new outlooks on life that lead to an appreciation of nature as well as strategic research capacity through education in biology, agriculture and field science with the insects as the medium.
New Entomomimetic Sciences